In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board & Committee Chairs Members of the Board and Committee Chairs
Board of Directors Rivera, Eli
This is the governing body of the Keene, NH Kiwanis club. It is comprised of the six board members, and the club officers.
Budget Committee Genatt, Janet
Rivera, Eli
Ganio, Maria
Farrell, Sue
The Committee on Budget provides the Board recommendations for funding the Keene Foundation Budget (Community Service, Scholarships, and Service Leadership) and the Admin budget at the beginning of the budget year as well as recommending fund raising goals for the upcoming year. The committee can also be convened during the year for other financial recommendations that arrive. This also includes a standing financial review committee composed of two or more qualified club members, excluding any board members. Selection of the members will be determined by vote of the club board. This committee will perform an annual examination of financial records which should include, but not be limited to, bank reconciliations, income, disbursements, budgets, balance sheets and income and expense statements for both the administrative and service accounts, budgets, and any other financial records or reports of the club.
Committee Chairs Faux, Jim
Bothwell, Paul
Ganio, Dave
Hayes, Don
Ward, Mike
Doyle, Susan
Genatt, Janet
Allen, Carl (JR)
Ganio, Maria
Hickey, Debbie
Bruce, Peg
Walker, Art
Custer, Phyllis
Southwell, Pete
Community Service Walker, Art
The Committee on Community Services implements projects that primarily benefit children although special consideration can be given to other nonprofit (501c3) projects as determined by the committee in conformance with the grant guidelines. The committee is authorized to make grants as listed in the approved budget and up to $250.00 from the unallocated moneys. Any new grant request for more than $250.00 will require Board Approval. The committee undertakes the organization of annual service projects: Kool Wheels Family Fun and Safety Day, Special Olympics, maintaining city flower gardens, the City’s annual Tree Lighting celebration, bell ringing for the Salvation Army and other appropriate service projects. The Robert Deverill Scholarship fund was established in 2016 for Keene High School students entering the medical field. The Community Service Committee will review and award the grants for this scholarship per the donor’s instructions. Meets 3rd Tuesday at 4pm at Savings Bank of Walpole
Executive Committee Rivera, Eli
The Executive Committee is composed of the President, President-elect, vice President, Treasurers and Secretary. The committee will meet periodically as needed to discuss current trends in the club and establish guiding principles for the conduct of the club’s operation. The Council will attempt to gauge the prevailing attitudes in the club and assess actions needed to guide the full Board of Directors and the Committee Chairs.
Fellowship Hayes, Don
Southwell, Pete
The Fellowship Committee shall work to inject some fun into club morning meetings and social events. The Committee shall strive to create an evening event once a quarter to facilitate attendance by members who find it hard to make morning meetings. This Committee will recognize unheralded members with periodic “Kiwanis Kudos” awards and is also responsible for receiving and processing the “Kiwanian of the Year” award. The Committee will also help raise money for tour Administrative Fund with events like pie raffles at Thanksgiving and White Elephant sales. Meets the 3rd Thursday at 8:00 am at Panera
Fundraising Bruce, Peg
The Committee on Fund-Raising is responsible for securing the funds necessary to meet the annual budgets requirements. We do a yearly Make the Ask campaign and then individual fundraising efforts. Those, such as, are the Antique Car Show, the Monadnock Pumpkin Festival at the Cheshire Fairgrounds, Pari-Mutual Gambling and a Tag Sale. In addition, there can be other events which the club members may wish to organize to help raise the money needed to support our programs. Meetings as needed
Golf Committee Ganio, Dave
Bruce, Peg
Organizes and plans our summer golf tournament fund raiser
Historian Bothwell, Paul
Collection of photographs, news articles, and other memorabelia.
Interclubs Hickey, Debbie
The committee on Interclubs: This committee shall be responsible for arranging dates, times, and travel arrangements for interclubs with other clubs within our Division of the New England Kiwanis District. The chair will maintain all interclub information on the club website.
I-Plan Allen, Carl (JR)
Kool Wheels Committee Hickey, Debbie
This committee is responsible for the annual Spring bike rodeo held at the Keene Recreation Center. Meets 4th Tuesday of the month at the Colony Mill Marketplace at 4:30 pm
Membership Growth and Education Ward, Mike
The Committee on Membership Growth and Education should strive to increase and retain membership according to the standards provided in the bylaws. The committee should consider all membership applications and submit its recommendations to the board of directors. The committee also should develop: an effective orientation program to make new members aware of club operations and individual responsibilities as a member of the club; an induction ceremony for new members; and, working with the fellowship Committee, actions to retain members such as correspondence or a verbal communication with members who appear to be losing interest in the club. Meets last Wednesday of every month at the Young Student Center at Keene State immediately following the morning breakfast meeting.
Public Relations and Communications Faux, Jim
Ward, Mike
The Committee on Public Relations and Communications is responsible for helping to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, the objects, goals, programs, events, and achievements of the club. Club highlights should be communicated by electronic and paper means to the District Lt. Governor, local media, and to the NE Kiwanis, and other appropriate persons and organizations. The committee is responsible for having photographic images taken of club meetings, events, speakers, etc. and obtaining written overviews from the sponsoring committees of club events. Subcommittees include: a. Newsletters: This committee should prepare and disseminate a periodic newsletter at a chosen interval. Copies should be forwarded to the Lt Governor and Secretary. b. Club Website: This committee shall be responsible for maintaining the club’s Kiwanis website with accurate up-to-date information on members, events, speakers, and all other club data available on the Kiwanis International web portal. c. Club Facebook Page: This committee shall be responsible for maintaining the club’s Kiwanis Facebook page with accurate up-to-date information on club activities and other information of interest to the public and club members. Meetings as needed
Service Leadership/ Sponsored Youth Genatt, Janet
The Committee for Service Leadership provides support and leadership to the Kiwanis related youth groups: Builders Clubs St. Joseph's Regional School and at the Surry Village Charter School; Key Clubs at Keene High School and Monadnock Regional High School; and Circle K Club at Keene State College. Our Club provides Club advisors as liaisons to the faculty advisors and related Kiwanis groups at the schools identified.  a. Scholarship Program: Each year, if applicable, we award a $1000.00 college scholarship to one member of each Key Club and one member of Circle K. Meetings as needed
Speakers Doyle, Susan
The Committee on Speakers shall be responsible for arranging member’s three minute speeches and interesting speakers for the regularly scheduled club meetings, including occasional evening meetings. The chair should encourage club members to suggest weekly speakers, coordinate the speakers’ dates and topics, and manage the speaker list on the club’s website.
Tree Lighting Committee Hayes, Don
Bruce, Peg
This committee will plan and direct our sponsorship of the Keene Tree Lighting Ceremony to be held on Central Square the Friday after Thanksgiving.