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Learning About Tick Bite Prevention with Steven Roberge - 06/22/2017
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Steven Roberge, NH Extension Field Specialist and licensed Forester, Natural Resources & County Office Administrator, visited us today and shared everything we needed to know about our new favorite hiking friends: Ticks!

Steven indicated that since 2011, NH has had over 1,300 cases of confirmed Lyme Disease and the number is steadily increasing.

He recommends checking yourself regularly after outside activities as one of the easiest ways to avoid the disease. Be sure to check your head, your children/grandchildren after playing outside, and your pets. Also, use a DEET repellent, treat your clothing with Permethrin, and consider light clothing, tucking your pants into your socks, and check...

The Kiwanis Club of Bernardston Celebrates Their 50th Year Anniversary - 06/17/2017
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The Kiwanis Club of Bernardston celebrated their 50th year anniversary this past Saturday.   Four members of the Kiwanis Club of Keene were able to share their evening of fun.   The evening was great from sharing their story to a great meal and dancing to the music of the Back Track Band.  Thanks Bernardston for a wonderful celebration!  They currently have 26 members and four of those members began the club as charter members 50 years ago.  How great is that!  Check out their Facebook page to see some of the wonderful things this club accomplishes!  Read about their event...

Swampbats Kevin Waterson Visits Kiwanis - 06/14/2017
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Kevin Waterson came to our meeting and discussed the last 20 years of the Swampbats history.  Team members are chosen from contacts with college coaches and professional scouts.  There are no tryouts or application processes.   The Swampbats are a nonprofit and much of the money they make has been put into making improvements in the field.  They have had amazing crowds even from the beginning! They partner with local businesses.  Recently they partnered with Raynor Dental to promote brushing and flossing and the children who were part of the program had a parade at a game.  The Fenton Dealerships had a Honda Fit on the field and they were able to fit 11 players...